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James and Debby Cotta's 56 B Model Mack

You may have seen this truck at a different web address and name, Baywoodmotorsports.com. I have taken that site down and this will be the new permanent home of the Mack. Take a look at our customized 56 B Model Mack. Each page has some great photos of the Mack. If you are wondering what it looked like before be sure to view the Build page for some amazing before pictures. The More Mack page has some pretty neat photos too. It took 10 years for the Mack to be completed from start to finish. Our truck has been shown all over California, Nevada, Idaho, Oregon and Washington State. The Mack is no trailer queen either. We have used it to haul grapes to the winery during harvest season.

Kustom K-Fab

Nearly all of the work done on the Mack was done by Gene Wagner of Kustom K-Fab.   Everything was done by hand.  All of the body work was hand-formed from aluminum and stainless steel.  The body doesn't have any fiberglass panels or fenders on it.  It took nearly 10 years of hard work by everyone involved to complete this truck.

Hard to list everyone who worked on the Mack but check back here often as I intend to keep hammering away at my husband for a list of shops and or people that took part in this amazing transformation.  What was to some, a piece of junk, became a work of art to all.

Cherokee Truck Parts

All of the chrome and led lights, panels, switches etc came from crazy Bob at Cherokee Truck Parts in Stockton, CA. Bob's shop had every custom item for that big rig or smaller. You want it, he would get it for you. Sadly, Bob Hitchcock passed away in December 2017 suddenly but his legacy will live on. He was known worldwide for his knowledge and his truck shows that he did to benefit the Shriners Childrens Hospitals. Our last truck show was in 2013. Click on the CTP Bob's Page tab on the menu bar to see his page and all the truck show pictures. He was our very best friend and we will never, ever forget him and all the help he gave us with the Mack. We could not have done it without him. He went to all of our shows no matter where they where, we could always count on Bob.

The Mack Articles

The Mack was featured on the Cover of Street Rodder along with Symphony in Blue, another custom car we had built.  That was the first time in Street Rodder history that a "Truck" ever made the cover.

The Mack is also used in Arc Audio's brochures. The Mack was also featured in Car Audio Magazine for its awesome music system.


Arc Audio did the stereo system in the Mack and are located in Modesto, CA.  Click here to visit their website.

The Mack is featured in Fernfahrer SuperTrucks 2011 Special from Germany. He had seen the Mack at a show when he was here in the US and was very excited to be able to put it in the magazine.

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